Ebony S.

Joining Beachbody has been one of the BEST DECISIONS I’ve ever made. Being connected to Crystal and her challenge group not only helped me LOSE 30 POUNDS, but I have also gained so much more mentally in my own personal development, which means the world to me.  I’ve changed so much in my mind that I’ve been able to pursue my own business and HELP PEOPLE meet their goals the same way Crystal helped me. I’m MORE CONFIDENT, venturing into new things and I’m HAPPIER because of the steps I have taken in which joining Beachbody has been a major part of.


Faith P.

When I decided to get started as a health and wellness coach affiliated with Beachbody and its programs, I contacted Crystal. She was my sorority sister, and I had been watching her transformation and CONSISTENCY with her workout and her business. I already knew personally that she was an ENCOURAGING, SUPPORTIVE, and UPLIFTING person and a savvy businesswoman who could help me on my journey. So I signed up on her team of FITastic Angels with her as my Coach, and it has honestly been a LIFE-CHANGING DECISION.

Crystal made sure that SHE UNDERSTOOD MY GOALS for my fitness as well as my business, and she helped to set me up for success in both. I am very grateful for her guidance and support.

She has provided motivation and encouragement for me every step of the way to help me to stay on track and achieve the fitness and business goals that are important to me.


Jenell W.

I remember seeing Crystal post on Facebook a few years ago with a before and after photo of her weight loss. Being interested in losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle, I asked her to sign me up, and purchased “Hip Hop Abs” with Shaun T. I will admit that I did not give the program my all when I first started out. Crystal, being the GREAT COACH that she is, NEVER gave up on me even though my lack of dedication meant that I had obviously given up on myself. In our challenge group, she stressed the importance of being accountable and checking in every day. I never realized that her encouragement was actually very similar to the three words that you see at the beginning of each Beachbody DVD: Decide, Commit, Succeed. So starting in July of 2014, I DECIDED to give my all to any Beachbody program I did, to COMMIT to the requirements of the challenge, and SUCCEED in my desire to be healthy and lose weight. With Crystal’s EXCELLENT COACHING, I went from 155 pounds in August of 2014 to 133 pounds in July of 2015!!!! I have lots of ENERGY, FEEL great and LOOK GREAT in clothes, and most importantly I wore a bikini for the first time EVER during my family reunion this year in July! Thank you Crystal for all that you do, and most importantly, for not giving up on me and having faith in me and my accomplishments even when I didn’t have faith in myself! We really need more people in the world like you!


Liz B.

I started my journey November 2014 after attending a healthy, body, and mind workshop where I met my AWESOME COACH Crystal Goliday. I spoke to her about my health and how I wanted to lose weight before my 53rd birthday. I wanted to get down to 135 lbs from 145. She turned me on to Beachbody. I chose the 21 Day Fix program and worked the program with Crystal coaching me. I MET MY TARGET before my birthday.

After meeting my goal in March 2015 I did not stop. I continued to work the program. I recommend Beachbody to anyone. It works!


Mia T.

When I first joined Beachbody, I was in pretty good shape and worked out, mostly in the gym. I was reluctant to try home workouts because my attention span is that of a toddler, especially when I’m working out. However, I sucked it up and gave it a try. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Doing Focus T25 got me in GREAT shape and was a great workout to help with my half marathon training, since it was winter and the snow made it hard to run. I reached my goal weight and felt great when my half marathon came around. Beachbody changed my view on working out. It showed me that I can get an effective workout done at home. I still enjoy the gym and group workouts but I love my Beachbody workouts!


Rachel A.

The 21 Day Fix motivated me to move! I am a busy wife and working mom of two young children. 21 Day Fix made it easier to fit in workouts. Coach Crystal was supportive and challenging. She’s innovative and will find the program to fit your needs. I am happy to report that the program gave me the jumpstart I needed to get back into my fitness routine. Thanks Coach Crystal!!!