I know some people are wondering…Who is Crystal Goliday?

Well, I’m a city girl with a heart of a southern belle. My background is in technology and business, but over the past years I expanded my pool of knowledge into the health and fitness world. Throughout life I have WORKED HARD and reaped the benefits of it…I also had some bumps and bruises (like war wounds) from the difficult times. Along the way I have LEARNED from every EXPERIENCE of mine and those around me, including the good and bad ones. Now I dedicate my time to HELPING OTHERS shape the life they want to live and more. Also serving in my life duties as a wife, daughter, sister, godmother, niece, cousin, friend, business professional, entrepreneur, sorority sister, and last but not least…one of the best blessings of them all, a mommy. It is very EXCITING times.

Back in March 2013 I decided to take my health, finances, and fitness into my own hands by becoming an Independent Team Beachbody Coach. I actually fell in love with fitness at that time.  It has been very fulfilling and one of the BEST DECISIONS I made in my life because it helped me to be CONSISTENT and hone into my passion of helping others.  The first Beachbody program I completed was INSANITY. Yes, I’m a little insane (LoL), but you know what….it gave me AWESOME results.  With this program, paired with Shakeology, being a part of an accountability group, and my desire to be in the best shape of my life, I REACHED MY GOAL of being a BAD (in a good way) bride. Since I continued on my journey of living a healthy lifestyle and helped more than two hundred people, it is the sweetest icing on the cake that I get to HELP PEOPLE ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS. I am also connected to an INCREDIBLE company that is made up of some of the most inspiring individuals you could ever meet!  We learn and grow together both in our businesses and life.

I cannot wait to CONNECT WITH YOU to learn what makes you SPECIAL and find out how YOU are going to CHANGE the WORLD. We have EACH been blessed with limitless potential, instilled with GREATNESS just WAITING TO BE UNLEASHED…Let your heart’s song be heard TODAY!